GABAA Receptors: Developmental Influence on Behavior
(active through August 2007)
NIH-NIMH Timothy M. DeLorey
Pharmacochemical Studies of Opioid Narcotics
(completed in 2005)
NIH-NIDA Jelveh Lameh
Molecular Modeling, Design, & Evaluation of BDZ Ligands
(completed in January 2003)
NIH-NIDA Timothy M. DeLorey

The human Central Nervous System (CNS) is the most complex system known in the entire universe. There are an enormous number of disorders associated with the CNS. Many of these disorders are attributed to defects that occur during neural development. We are interested in the processes that are involved in the development of the following disorders:

  1. Autism is a disorder that affects both cognition and sensory perception.
  2. Angelman syndrome is a severe form of mental retardation that exhibits seizures, motor control problems and hyperactivity.